Unicornism – the Science of Possibility

By Batsheva Haber

celestial_female_unicorn_for_luna-1494361What would you say if I told you I believed in unicorns? At best you would think I was naive, more likely than not you would think I was crazy.

But let’s take a minute to reexamine this.

  • Fact: Most of the worlds’ animal species have yet to be discovered by science. By 2010, scientists have discovered less than one quarter of the estimated species in the world.
  • Fact: Stories of horses with horns can be found in many different cultures from all over the world.
  • Fact: Many animals, and particularly mammals have horns. They are part of the animal’s basic survival tools.

Based on the above, is it so unlikely that there is a horned horse somewhere in the world? Quite on the contrary, it is highly possible, and even probable that unicorns exist.

So why is it that we are so convinced that there is no such thing as a unicorn? The answer is simple – human ego based ignorance.

Let’s take another example – aliens. We are all convinced that there is no such thing, but why? The universe is endless, and yet we are so sure that we are the only living beings in all this vast space. Only because we don’t know otherwise.

But how much to we actually know about outer space? Close to nothing! And all that we do know is limited to our solar system, one out of billions. So what makes us think that life only exists on this single planet, in this one solar system? Statistically speaking there is higher probability of aliens existing than not!

Are they green with 3 eyes, probably not – but do life forms exist outside of this world, probably yes.

And even within our own solar system. We claim that Earth is the only planet capable of life. But based on what are we making that assumption? Based on our needs, and the needs of the limited life forms we know about. Think about it, if we didn’t know that fish existed we would assume that life underwater is impossible, simply because we cannot live under the ocean.

259801472224398353_G7iofSnG_fThe heart of these disbelief is not science, but rather ignorance. If we would be a little more more modest, and a little more aware of our limited knowledge, we would no longer be so sure.

So that leaves me with the following question. How much of what we believe is impossible is actually impossible. So much of human advancement is thanks to those who refused to accept things for how they are, and explored the possibilities instead.

There is so much in our lives that we dismiss as impossible. ‘I can’t do that!’ ‘That isn’t who I am!’ ‘It just wouldn’t work!’ But the essence of these thoughts is no more than human ignorance – based on the assumption that what I don’t see right in front of me, doesn’t exist.

Maybe the world would be a bit of a better place if we stopped disregarding everything we don’t know to be true, and started looking for unicorns!


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