Hey world! Here are 67 (more) Reasons You Should Love Israel!

So last year for Yom Haatzmaut I wrote a list of 66 reasons why the world should love Israel as much as I do. But clearly the world hasn’t gotten the message, seeing the rise in anti-Israel action worldwide. So I’m gonna give it another go. Here are 67 more reasons ‘yall should love Israel!

  1. Israel is the one of the only 2 country that ended the 20th century with more trees than it started with. So basically, we are providing all of you with oxygen – you’re welcome!
  2. This is even more impressive seeing how Israel is mostly desert.
  3. Israel has the most museums per capita.
  4. These museums range from historical, to science, to blind and deaf experiences, to doll museums.
  5. Also one of Israel’s top universities does this – Just to wish the world happy holidays.
  6. We’re curing cancer.
  7. Don’t have enough water? Israeli water can create water out of thin air091409_Israel_Dead_Sea_Happy_Camel-c-Deanna-Ting
  8. Camels – who doesn’t love riding camels?!
  9. Speaking of animals – Israel is on the migrating path of 500 species of birds, so if you like birds, Israel is a great place for sightseeing.
  10. When we say people of the book, we mean it. Israel is second in the world for publishing new books.
  11. Per population, Israel has the largest Immigration rate in the world.
  12. And all those immigrants love the country just as much as the natives do!
  13. Our Army sees itself as a defense force – nothing more. Don’t believe me? Check out the name IDF = Israel DEFENSE force.
  14. That army also defines itself as Tzva Ha’am, an army of the people. One of the ways it expresses that is through the many educational programs that are provided to the soldiers. Any soldier who needs it can through the army complete their high school education, build their cultural and national identity, establish their place in society, and much more.
  15. And while we are on the topic of soldiers, they are Israeli youth who believe in something so much, they are willing to put their lives on hold and spend years fighting to protect it.
  16. And many of the citizens who don’t serve in the army, for one reason or another, spend a year or two doing voluntary work in national service, because they see it as their personal responsibility to give back to the Israeli state and people.
  17. And all of this is possible because our youth care about the world around them and want to make it a better place.
  18. This is true even when talking about our enemies.
  19. We are funny. Ok, maybe we are not THAT funny – but we all have a sense of humor and love to laugh. And we are more than Ok with being laughed out.
  20. Even our 90 year old outgoing president.
  21. We bring a strong message to a difficult region. Be it democracy, human rights, equality or tolerance – we are the voice yelling it out to the Middle East.
  22. You may have heard otherwise, but here is proof, we are the only country in the area with complete equal rights to women – we even had a female prime minister, freedom of speech is protected by law, and Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world – BAM – tolerance.
  23. Do you love your cellphone? Well, Israeli technology was behind the first mortorola phone.
  24. And if you hate viruses on your computer, you can thank us as well – we brought you the first antivirus.
  25. Israeli snacks – come on! Have you tried a krembo!
  26. And Israelis take their snacks very seriously! Just ask an Israeli what the right way to eat a Krembo is! I’m sure you will get a very opinionated answer on why there is only one right way! (Which btw is – chocolate > cream > cookie – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!)
  27. We don’t celebrate our heroes’ deaths or glorify them – like most of our enemies do. Instead we mourn the tragedy that they were forced to go to war.
  28. That national day of mourning leads straight into our independence day celebration – sending a strong message that those who fell, fell for a reason, and to show gratitude – for we live in their honor.
  29. Goldstar. The best beer in the world.
  30. We also make quite a lot of good wines. Our small country has hundreds of wineries and produces over 10 million bottles of wine every year!
  31. Israeli music – I dare you to listen to this song and not dance.
  32. Waze
  33. Do you watch homeland? Well, that was originally an Israeli TV show.
  34. 75_LargeThese amazing shoes. I know they look like they walked straight out of the bible, but trust me on this one. They are so comfortable, once you try them you won’t be able to go back.
  35. Thanks to immigration from all over the world – when you come to visit you will most definitely be able to find some of your local culture, food and language.
  36. The mix of a rich and ancient history with a modern and developed culture makes Israel a really unique country and a great place to vacation – with something for everyone.
  37. Cloud computing – Israel is on the front lines of this technology as well.
  38. Do you like capitalism? Israel has one of the lowest unemployment rates it the world.
  39. Or maybe you’re a socialist – besides for free welfare, Israel has kibbutzim – socialist communities and the only place in the world where socialism worked for even a second.
  40. Our politicians have names of fairy tale characters – our last election was between Bibi and Buji. Oh, and our president is known as Rubi.ben_gurion_2_-e1423224133338
  41. And our first prime minister definitely wins the best political hair competition!
  42. Those elections had a 71% voter turnout – once again showing that Israel is an active democracy.
  43. Ice cafe – this is not an ice coffee and not a coolata, and it’s better than both of them. It can’t be explained in words, you’ll just have to try it.
  44. Israelis are straightforward – Israeli culture believes in “dugri” – which basically means I will say exactly what I think and I will say it to your face. So when an Israeli says something, you know we mean it.
  45. Our national bird is a Hoopoe.
  46. Israelis are masterful complainers – you may say this is a bad thing, and in many ways it is, but it also means we don’t settle and constantly point out the flaws in our surroundings, resulting in a country that is constantly trying to better itself.2012-05-08-TheAvengersshawarma
  47. Shawarma! What is shawarma? It’s turkey or chicken, roasted on a spit with lamb fat dripping down it, and it is delicious. Just ask the avengers.
  48. Education – I know Israeli and educated are not typically associate with each other, but it happens to be that 46% of Israelis have a university degree, placing us second in the world when it comes to educated countries.
  49. Worried about world demographics? Worry no more. As opposed to all other western countries our numbers are going up, not down.
  50. Israelis think everyone is their family, they will most likely call you “achi” (my brother) before they even meet you.
  51. And once they meet you and decide they like you, you will be granted the strangest and yet really sweet nicknames: “neshama” (literally soul), “einayim sheli” (my eyes), “chayim sheli” (my life)…
  52. This guy
  53. Oh, and this guy.
  54. We named a garbage dump after our former prime minister.
  55. And that’s Ok, because that dump is now also a center for recycling waste, and a source of pride.
  56. We’re good at that, both the green thing, and the making something from nothing.
  57. If you like social media, well so do we. Israel is number one in spending time on facebook. Some might not see this as an accomplishment, but I think it shows that Israelis like to be connected.
  58. Israel is providing diplomats worldwide with a sense of satisfaction. Want to feel like you are making a difference, but know ISIS and Boko Haram don’t care what you think at all? Just condemn Israel for something instead.
  59. And this is because Israel takes all criticism to heart, and is constantly trying to better itself.download
  60. Shakshuka – I don’t know who thought to put eggs and tomato sauce together and then serve it for breakfast, but whoever it was, was a genius!!
  61. Despite being under constant threat – life expectancy in Israel is the highest in the area.
  62. MobileEye – for safer driving. Anyone who’s driven in Israel can understand why this is necessary here!
  63. If you like traveling, and like to be safe while you do it – well, we developed the best airline security.
  64. Hate your acne? Israel developed a treatment that makes the acne self destruct!o-ISRAELI-FLAG-facebook
  65. We are one of the few countries in the world whose flag isn’t red – the color of power. We opted for blue instead – the color of peace.
  66. And that peaceful theme – it’s in our national symbol as well – see, olive branches.
  67. This list of amazing accomplishments – I wrote it in one day and it wasn’t even hard, because we are THAT AWESOME!!

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