The Emperor’s New(s) Bias

By Batsheva Haber

We have all heard the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  A story about a lie told over and over. A tale about what happens when no one has the guts to stand up for the truth. Why? Because someone told them that the “wise” thing to do is to believe the lie. Just a children’s story, right? That doesn’t actually happen in real life, with real intelligent people, does it?

cbs-635x357“3 Palestinians Killed as Daily Violence Grinds on” – This was the title of a CBS article that came out yesterday. The article is about a terrorist attack, where three terrorists tried to stab and shoot as many people as they could. These terrorists killed a 19 year old police officer, and injured a second. What? Is that not what is understood by the title? What can we say, “The emperor’s new clothes are so fine!”

This is not the first time we see such a ridiculous media bias. It’s been a clear motif in the International media throughout this recent wave of Palestinian violence.

times-of-london-headlne“Palestinian Shot Dead” – This time in the Times of London. Headline is pretty clear, doesn’t leave much room for confusion as to what happened. Except, that is, if you actually continue to read the short news item. Because this Palestinian wasn’t spontaneously shot by an IDF soldier, he first shot and injured 3 others. It happens to be that this attack happened right where my younger brother is stationed. I know firsthand from him – soldiers don’t just shoot Palestinians. In fact, even when Palestinians attack my brother and his friends with rocks, they only use rubber bullets to defend themselves. (In case you were wondering, rubber bullets are a lot less effective and do a lot less damage than rocks.) Only in a real case of threat to someone’s life can IDF soldiers open fire. But, “the emperor’s new clothes are so colorful!”

These headlines are nothing new. Even in times of war against an internationally recognized terrorist group, the media doesn’t seem to know how to write headlines.

10552481_10152144730011746_6699288240593663564_n“Israel Resumes Gaza Airstrikes” – CNN from the last Israel-Hamas war in 2014. This colorful title was accompanied by a tasteful picture of a beautiful Gaza sunset, being interrupted by smoke from an Israeli airstrike. We get the picture. Who needs to read the fine print? So what if it mentions that these airstrikes were in response to rockets being fired from Gaza, rockets that ended a ceasefire? Is that really relevant? After all, “the emperor’s new clothes are so sophisticated!”

And here I thought the media was meant to be objective, to bring the facts as they are so that people can come to their own conclusions.

Guess I was wrong. Again and again, the “credible” news sources tell the “intelligent” person what to think. Who cares what the reality is or who really is in the right? After all, this is what the enlightened man is supposed to see when he looks at the conflict, so that is what we shall see. Where is the voice of reason, the small but honest outlook, who will stand up and accuse: “The emperor has no clothes!”