What Makes a 21 Year Old Run Over a Baby

By Batsheva Haber

I woke up this morning feeling queasy.
It took me a minute to remember why. What happened last night? Why am I so upset? And then I remembered. I remembered that another Israeli child was robbed of a future last night, that another Jewish family is in mourning, that another life was lost from our nation. And all of this, simply because she was Jewish, like many others before her. Indeed I had a good reason to feel sick this morning.

Immediately I turned on my computer and went to check the news. That’s when I saw something that shocked me. The man who did this, the terrorist, someone so ruthless that he would drive a car into a train station and run over a baby girl, as well as 9 other civilians – was no more than 21 years old. 21 years old. Younger than I am. 

What drives a man to do such a thing at such a young age? At 21 years old he should be full of life, full of hope, full of dreams, not full of hate and spite! How can someone that young, be that ruthless, that heartless, that murderous?

And then I saw the next news item. And there was my answer.

A Terrorist’s Statuses” – that was the title of the article, and its content was taken directly from the terrorist’s Facebook page. Guns. Explosions. Violence. Hate. That is not the Facebook page of a 21 year old, that is the Facebook of a terrorist.

Images posted on terrorists Facebook page

The problem of terrorism in Israel starts way before the attacks. It starts way earlier than recruitment to terror organizations. The problem begins in Palestinian cradles, Palestinian playgrounds, Palestinian schools.

This may seem like a terrible, even racist libel – but unfortunately it is true. It is true because TV shows for children on official Palestinian TV tell children to “shoot all the Jews”. It is true because schoolbooks teach that “your enemies seek life, while you seek death”. It is true because summer camps and sports teams are named for terrorists who are glorified as heroes. It is true because time and again the Palestinian children are told that Israel has no right to exist, that the answer is violence, and that martyrdom is the highest of virtues. It is true because the Palestinian Authorities do not see their young as children, but as potential weapons.

As long as that is true we can not have peace with the Palestinian people. The problem can not be solved by peace treaties or political agreements alone. The problem goes much deeper – to the seeds of hate that are being planted in the Palestinian citizens’ minds.

This is the true problem we are facing. This has always been the problem. In the words of Golda Meir: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”


How the US Does Business

-By Batsheva Haber

“Hi! So you want to do business with me? No, you don’t? Well, let’s do business anyways! No, really, I want to do business with you!! Please??? Here, I’ll give you all this free stuff! Plus, I’ll halt my companies’ progress for you! Still not enough? Here’s some more free stuff! Don’t worry, there is no obligation on your part! You don’t have to do anything!! You will not have to meet any demands! Just except my gifts, no strings attached, I swear! Really, I just want to do business with you!! Here, take some more free stuff! And you know what, you don’t even have to recognize my company!”


This is what it would look like if the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was a business transaction run by the United States. Shall we take a look back? So far Israel has released tens of Palestinian prisoners – some of which were cold blooded murderers, froze the development in Israeli settlements multiple times, and agreed to major concessions in future negotiations. In return the Palestinians have- oh wait, they have done nothing but refuse to negotiate.

But all this red carpet treatment is not enough for our friends in The West. Two days ago Official Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Jen Psaki, said that it was not necessary for the PA to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state. Her claim was that there is no need for recognition of Israel, because a negotiation is about settling the issues on which the sides differ. Therefore “It’s not about demands,” and although the US sees Israel as a Jewish state, “that doesn’t reflect, of course, what the parties are going to agree to.”

Despite the fact that the negotiations are “not about demands,” Israel is under constant pressure from the US to concede to the Palestinian ones. On the other hand, when it comes to the one demand Israel put on the table – recognition of their right to exist – the Palestinians have no obligations whatsoever.

This is not a case to instate the American policy “the customer is always right”! Not when we are gambling with peoples’ lives!

Let me tell you how we do business in Israel. In Israel we acknowledge that in a good business transaction both sides need something from the other, and both are mutually benefited from the agreement. “Demands” are the foundation of any good business or negotiations. It’s all about what I have that you want, and what you have that I want.

Apparently what every kindergartener knows has somewhat been lost on the leaders of the free world. Business is a back and forth process, where each side decides what they are willing to give up on and what they are not. Negotiations require sacrifices on both sides, under the mutual understanding of benefits for all parties.

If one side is always the one making the concessions, and the other always benefiting without any obligations, it is not a business transaction, it is extortion.